Sports Massage is the application of massage therapy and neuromuscular techniques to enhance athletic performance and to promote and preserve theoptimal health of the athlete.

A specialized, remedial / deep tissue massage is used to treat, muscle problems, occupational disorders old injuries and general aches & pains.

The LLLT is now available at Sava Physio Clinic of Rehabilitation, Sport massages and Laser Therapy.

Exceptionally highs standards, with facilities including wide range of electrotherapy treatments, low laser therapy and shock wave therapy.

Who we are ?

SavaPhysio started as a project to help spread the word about physiotherapy and rehabilitation as an integral part of everyone’s life. Therapists we work with have a commitment to personal development and keeping up to date with all new research incorporating techniques from variety of treatment philosophies to deliver a comprehensive, holistic and personalized treatments to maximize result focused physiotherapy.

Working Hours

MONDAY 09:00-17:00
TUESDAY 09:00-17:00
WEDNESDAY 09:00-17:00
THURSDAY 09:00-17:00
FRIDAY 09:00-17:00
SATURDAY 10:00-15:00
SUNDAY closed

Conditions Treated

Back Pain, Neck Pain & Whiplash, Headaches, Sports Injuries, Shoulder & Eibow Pain, Wrist & Hand Pain

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What our patients say

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  • Good afternoon, I am emailing regarding some complimentary feedback received from a patient who was treated at your clinic recently. Mr Martin has raised some positive feedback for the recent course of physiotherapy he has completed. The patient was happy with the physio, it was excellent and reports that his back is much better. He noted that the style of rehab was good as they provided guidance and numerous exercises which helped. In regards to the home exercise plan, he reports that the clinic provided access to a physio app with different exercises and how to do them. Thank you again for continuing to support the Innotrex physiotherapy network through collaboration and visible quality.
    Mr Martin
  • Thank you so much for your help In sorting out my back I am pain free for the first time since the car crash Your professional approach and Professional hands on treatment was amazing I cannot recommend you highly enough If I ever have a need or I am ask if I know a good massage Center I will use you again or send them your way Once again thank you
    Martin Ross
  • I was referred to Sava thru an Insurance Company due to my car accident. Sava worked on my painful back, neck and shoulders. He is very professional with wonderful results. I would highly recommend him. Thank you Sava 21 March 2018
    Dawn from Gloucestershire
  • I've been undergoing infra-red laser treatment on my shoulder for nearly 2 months now and it's easily one of the best physio treatments I've ever had. Its easy, quick and not at all invasive. I can feel a real difference in my shoulder muscles, less pain and more strength! I would definitely recommend it!
    C. Morgan, Cheltenham,
  • I was directed to Sava Physio via my insurance company following a road traffic accident. He has managed to work on my neck and shoulder muscles that were tight and aching following the accident. Very professional, with excellent facilities - he has worked miracles and I recommend the service as first class - thank you Sava.
    M.S. Cheltenham
  • I have had treatments off Sava for a couple of different muscular problems now, one for a back problem and the other for a foot issue. On both occasions i needed no more than 3 treatments and the problem disappeared! I highly recommend him. Go try out his magic!!
    Alex Clark, Cheltenham
  • I was sent to Sava for treatment by my insurance company following a collision with a car which caused soft tissue neck, shoulder and chest injuries. I was in considerable pain and had restricted movement. Using massage and laser techniques, Sava has done an amazing job and I feel so much more mobile with much less pain. He gave me exercises to do between appointments which also helped a lot. I am very grateful for the care he took to gauge how much treatment I was able to tolerate at each session and adapted his treatment accordingly. Best wishes
    Jane Jones, Cheltenham
  • My insurance company offered me treatment at Sava Physio following a car accident. I was in great pain, discomfort and was finding it almost impossible to move my neck and shoulders. Sava Physio helped me to get back the movement in my neck and shoulders in a way I'd not thought possible. The pain decreased with every visit thanks to the wonderful care and treatment received. The clinic was amazing and I've recommended it to all my friends and family. Thank you Sava Physio!
    Rose Moss
  • After a car accident i was sent to you for treatment by my insurance company. This was in early october 2015, i was suffering neck and shoulder pain and discomfort. After 6/7 visits to you on a weekly bases, i would like to thank you for taking away the pain and discomfort and getting the movement fo my neck and shoulder back to how it was. Your time keeping, your manner and your treatment was perfect I would recommend anybody to you for physio. I wish you all the very best in the years to come And keep the great work going!
  • Thank you, Sava! It has been a great experience !!!
    Ralitsa Koleva-Naydenov
  • Well worth a visit. Very professional finds the spot and sorts it
    Nik Weaver, Cheltenham
  • Special shout out to Sava Mandradzhiev what a legend couldn't have done today's comp at Crossfit21union. Probably the best Phsyio in Gloucestershire cheers bro.
    Eugene Lloyd Beckinsale
  • I am a 71 year old woman who has had a successful knee replacement operation earlier this year. Sava helped me prepare and recover from the operation. Now I am preparing for the other knee to be operated on and will continue with the exercise and massage routine with Sava which really aided my recovery. He gave valued advice which I listened to and implanted. The treatment was a really good investment for my future.
    P.A.F. Cheltenham
  • As I am using my hands for work , I have developed a chronic muscular weakness in them, particularly in the left one, so when I was offered the LLLT at the clinic, I was prepared to try an alternative treatment. After the first few sessions, I noticed that the pain had started to ease off and eventually disappeared. my hand became stronger and I can use it 100%. I think that everyone who has similar health problems should try the LLLT.
    G. I. Gloucester
  • I am suffering with severe back and neck pain, which has been treated by different therapies over the years. In September 2013, I have started LLLT and received regular treatments for a month, which has relieved my pains more than any other treatment so far. I can positively recommend LLLT, which works wonders combined with massages.
    Z. Davies, Educational Consultant, Gloucester
  • After a car accident I was in a lot of pain with my neck back and knee suffering whiplash and unable to walk properly. I was referred to sava through my insurance company and within a few months he had helped me recover.His calming presence helped me relax and kind nature too.He is always punctual and the room is always clean and welcoming.
    I highly recommend if you are experiencing any kind of physical pain to go and see him he is a genunine person who just wants to help others live a better quality of life and I am so greatful.
    Thank you so much
    Becky Symonds

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