About Us


SavaPhysio started as a project to help spread the word about physiotherapy and rehabilitation as an integral part of everyone’s life. Therapists we work with have a commitment to personal development and keeping up to date with all new research incorporating techniques from variety of treatment philosophies to deliver a comprehensive, holistic and personalized treatments to maximize result focused physiotherapy. Most have five star experience in some of the best and award winning spas in the Cotswolds in addition to their clinical experience within hospitals.
SavaPhysio uses the latest technology and incorporates low level laser therapy(LLLT) which has proven to complement the physiotherapy treatments and optimize the results.
We deliver physiotherapy and rehabilitation services and treat variety of conditions including but not limited to Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Neurological Rehabilitation. We work with individuals, case management companies, insurers and employers providing efficient and safe treatments.